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Archive for December, 2010


OpusVolo 807 & 808 22/12/2010 HuGo tranformed into GrinchGo

Joao 111

After Joao Rodriguez (Guadalajara)

Digital Opus Volo #802 “Joao 111″ inspired after my friend Joao Rodriguez (Guadalajara). Eleven crashed planes and one happy color bomb.


Digital iPad drawing inspired in Mexico National Museum of Death (Agusacalientes)

“Catrina” Digital Opus Volo OV799 made with iPad, trip Aguascalientes to Mexico City, inspired in the Mexico National Museum of Death (Aguascalientes)

Opus Volo goes Digital

OV791 "Mismo" was last in paper, OV793 "Digispace" first on iPad

Opus Volo leaves paper behind